I usually have a constant stream of thoughts running through my head, but lately it seems more like a river. It’s at the point where I’m overflowing my banks here. I thought that I’d write some of them out so I might be able to get some relief.

. . . . . I can’t wait to get out of the temporary apartment, I feel so in limbo here I just want to be in a real home and feel settled. I also hate having to drive all over, the traffic on this side of town is a mess. I think that Ohio drivers are worse than Wisconsin, this is shocking. I have one more year on my lease and have no idea if I want to take over Shawn’s car like we originally planned. We have the March of Dimes walk this weekend and my family is coming into town, please let this godforsaken rain stop for a few hours so we don’t have to walk in the rain. The cemetery still doesn’t have the marker in place for the twins. Why is it taking so long? I want everything settled there so they can rest. It bothers me. I have to go to the funeral home and pick up the death certificates and I’m not sure if I can handle that. We are closing on the house tomorrow, please don’t let anything crazy happen with the wire transfer so we can close. I want to move into the house immediately and Shawn doesn’t seem to care about waiting. I wonder how Walter is going to like the new house. Lord, he is shedding like crazy, I need to vacuum. I hate the vacuum here, it sucks. Haha, that was lame. I feel guilty about missing my stuff. Iron, vacuum, pots and pans, blender, my bed. I am looking forward to getting new furniture and things for the house but sometimes feel like I might be too materialistic when I get excited about it. I’ve been doing yoga again and it feels great. I need new workout clothes. I have to go to the gym today. Where is my hairbrush? I still haven’t ordered Shawn an iPad for his birthday and it’s been over for a month today. . . . .

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