Spring Outfit for Noble County Gold

I’ve been looking around online for some Spring clothing for myself and I must admit that I am not really impressed. For some reason it seems that women’s fashion this season is really flat. Not very inspiring.

I’m not sure about you, but it always seems like I can always find things to buy other people when I’m not finding anything for myself. More specifically, for Shawn. So here’s a Spring outfit fit for Noble County Gold.

Here’s what I picked out for Shawn today: The Gitman Bros. button down would be a welcome addition to his closet, the grey tee from John Varvatos looks soft and perfectly worn in (something I could steal) while the Steven Alan jacket would be a nice change from his beloved Barbour. I absolutely LOVE the new wash from Baldwin Denim. . . so over the dark denim all the time. (Sorry, honey.) Of course, I couldn’t forget his favorite accessories: aviator shades, clean white tennies, a J.W. Hulme messenger to haul his work stuff, and don’t forget the obligatory Rolex. Hope you like it, honey.

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