I guess God knows what I can handle.

Because doubling our family size is not enough change for Team Colley, we have decided to throw a little more wood on the fire and move back to Columbus. I joke, but this was not an easy decision to make. Here’s what went down:

Shawn was offered a position with Tween Brands (the owners of Justice) to help create and launch their new line for boys, called Brothers. After much discussion, pro and con lists, and endless what-if scenarios, we decided that it would be best for our family to take this opportunity and run with it. It is definitely a bittersweet feeling. We have come to enjoy our lives here in the land o’cheese and will miss our home, friends, and community. Not to mention being close to my family. However, we feel that this is what is for us at this time and for our future.

Things are going to be happening at warp speed around here. Shawn has already put in his notice at Lands’ End and his start date at Brothers is February 7th. This means that the next few weeks will be spent dealing with relocation people, putting our house on the market (sniff), and getting things packed up to make the drive to Columbus. Here we go.

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