The ’61 Awning Tote by J.W. Hulme

Check out this amazing tote created by J.W. Hulme. This gorgeous, limited edition tote was created when a customer called and asked if the company wanted to have an old awning that they made back in 1961. (Prior to becoming the master leather goods company it is today, J.W. Hulme started out manufacturing tents and awnings. Check out their amazing history here.) The designers decided that they could reuse the material by pairing it with their American Heritage Leather to make a functional tote. Due to the amount of awning canvas we could salvage we could only make a small run of ten. How I envy one of those lucky ten who will carry one of these beauties. Anyone in the NYC area should go check out the totes at The Pop Up Flea in NYC this weekend, I doubt they’ll be available after.

Photos by JW Hulme Co.

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