Lee Friedlander: America By Car

While visiting NYC last week, I was able to visit the Whitney Museum of American Art. Often referred to simply as "the Whitney", or “my boyfriend” by one particular fan, it focuses on 20th & 21st century American art.

While I was there, I was able to check out the Lee Friedlander exhibit: America By Car. While driving across most of the country’s fifty states in an ordinary rental car, the artist applied the brilliantly simple conceit of deploying the side-view mirror, rearview mirror, windshield, and side windows as picture frames within which to record reflections of this country’s eccentricities and obsessions. By capturing roadside bars, motels, churches, monuments, suspension bridges, and often his own image in this construct, it gives the impression that you get on a long road trip; images and scenery becomes hypnotic as it blurs together as you continue along your way, not quite remembering what you’ve already seen. Simply an inspiring exhibit, it’s going on until November 28th, so I recommend all those who are able to make the trip.

Image by Lee Friedlander

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