The Buckeyes are coming to play up here in Madison this weekend. Living in exile from The Buckeye State, it is something that I’ve been looking forward to all season. It is very surreal to live in a college town that is not Columbus, seeing Badger stuff in stores and on the news, it makes me yearn for my alma mater. Nothing is finer that a crisp fall day at The Horseshoe watching a Buckeye victory. With the #1 ranking making a target on our backs, I know it will be a tough game, but I have faith that The Silver Bullets will bring us to victory.

It should be a fun weekend, we have a group of friends making the trip out here to visit and enjoy the game. We’ll be having a get together at the house for a bit, then heading down to campus to go to an OSU alumni-sponsored tailgate before the game. It should be a great time.

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