Take Ivy Kit

I saw this on the Jack Spade site and thought that it was a neat take on the Take Ivy phenomenon. For those of you not obsessed with “trad” bible, Take Ivy is a collection of of candid photographs shot on the campuses of America’s elite, Ivy League universities. First published in Japan in 1965, the series focuses on men and their clothes, perfectly encapsulating the unique academic fashion of the era. Now considered a definitive document of this particular style, rare original copies are highly sought after by “trad” devotees worldwide. (Of course, Shawn has one.) This August, a reprinted edition has been released and this time in an English translation.

So, in order to celebrate the occasion, Jack Spade and K-Swiss have partnered up to create a limited edition sweatshirt and book belt to accompany the US release of Take Ivy. They’ve produced a heavy gauge crewneck sweatshirt with orange silk screened elbow patches and is cinched with the book by a custom bridle leather book strap made in NYC.

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