Happy Weekend!

This weekend the hubby and I are taking a little road trip to Milwaukee. We’ll be exploring the city a little during the day (I’m hoping to check out the art museum or maybe tour one of the breweries) and then meeting some friends of ours that recently relocated there from NYC for dinner. Sunday we’ll be going to check out the Wisconsin State Fair before coming back home. Every year we would go to the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, so it will be fun to see how WI measures up. I’m doubting they have anything that will match up to the butter cow, however the list of food on a stick is most impressive. I can’t wait to see the cheesy demonstrations for the ShamWOW!, cute baby pigs and lambs, in addition to trying to talk Shawn into going on the ferris wheel. (He’s terrified of heights.)

Hope your weekend is filled with fun, adventure, and food on a stick!

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