Blog Love

Today, the hubby asked me to give him a list of current fashion/design blogs that I like right now. This was pretty hard for me, since there are about eleventy billion blogs out there, but here’s what I came up with:

Camp Comfort: fashion blog dealing with clothing, accessories, shoes. I really enjoy her style.

Oh Joy!: : Major player, has a good mix of fashion, home accessories, and textile design. Has her own stationery and wall paper designs. Favorite posts are "this & that" which pair home design with fashion. 

Urban Weeds: Similar to The Sartorialist, a street style blog. 

Cup of Jo: Major player, also blogs for Glamour magazine. Hits on fashion, design, photography, etc. 

Frolic! : lifestyle blog that has fashion that mostly focuses on weddings, parties, etc. Photos are great.

Off The Rack: this is the fashion blog for ReadyMade magazine. Great mix of independent designers (many from Etsy) style inspiration, DIY, etc. 

Modsih: good mix of design and fashion. Captures that NW boho-chic thing that is going on right now. Also focuses on small, independent designers and artist. Good vintage posts as well.

Design*Sponge: This is my favorite right now. Another major player, it has more to do with home design, but has a good dose of fashion as well.  

Polyvore: This isn’t so much of a blog, but an online fashion community. Style advice, blogs, products,trends, etc. Awesome site. This is where you can create your own "sets" (like the one I made for my last blog post) as well as check out those made by others.  Products are usually linked with price and where you can purchase. This thing can get addicting. 

What blogs are you into right now?

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