This just in: she’s crafty

So, I’ve been looking at my postings and decided that I am going to start a separate section on here that will be a special area just for my knitting/sewing/crafty posts. I’m calling it she’s crafty. (Cue The Beastie Boys now.)

I feel like this will help focus things a bit and will give me a little more freedom to write about how creating/crafting effect my everyday life. Ideally, I’ve want to grow this section to include some how-to’s, tutuorials, and maybe even (gulp) patterns that I come up with.

I will still be posting on the main widdershins page, but I want that to be more about my thoughts on current events, photography, and my wackadoo life in general. Hopefully, this will be enjoyable for myself and for those that check in to see what I’m up to!

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