Well Balanced Weekend

I had one of those weekends that were the perfect mixture of play and productivity. Shawn has a “summer schedule” at work, meaning he has every other Friday as a half day. This landed on Friday, so he was home early to help me put in some flowers in the planter boxes up front and do a little yard maintenance. We then headed over to Capital Brewery to enjoy the Beer Garten for the evening with some people he knows from work. It was a lot of fun to meet some new people and enjoy some local brews and entertainment.

Saturday we went to The Cooper’s Tavern in Madison to watch some FIFA Cup action with some friends. USA vs. England! We came out with a tie, luckily I might add, those Three Lions were tough! Very fun cheering on the team with some rowdy soccer fans while enjoying poutine and more yummy beers. After the game we came home and lazed about for the rest of the evening.

Today we got up early and read the papers and had some coffee before heading out to brunch and the always stellar Hubbard Ave. Diner. Afterwards, we drove around and ran some errands at a couple of garden stores. I needed some new gardening gloves and wanted to get a few more plants for the back deck. (Aren’t those yellow pots cute?) We then came home and planted the stuff I picked up. I still need to get some herbs and a few more plantings, but I couldn’t fine anything else I liked. Maybe next weekend.

Now were going to have some Chipoltle for dinner and watch a movie. A perfect end to a perfect weekend! Hope that yours was just as enjoyable.

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