Gypsy Time

Friday I went down to the Chi to visit Roz and go to see Devotchka and Gogol Bordello in concert. Such a great time! Both have strong Eastern European musical influence. I’ve seen Devotchka in concert back at Lollapalooza ’08. They are the main reason I wanted to go to the show. I mean they include an accordion, sousaphone, and theremin, what more can you ask for? . . . How about a cirque du soleil-like performer doing crazy poses hanging from a silk curtain? Insane! Gogol Bordello is a bit different, taking that gypsy influence and infusing it with punk. More energy, but not as lyrical. The crowd was WAY into it though, very entertaining to see people crowd surf to a violin/accordion battle. Bizzaro bit was the back up dancer wearing a mid ’80’s outfit doing Jazzercise routines. Girl was on crack, yo.

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