What I’ve been up to for the past few weeks.

Sorry that I have been out of the loop for a bit. The end of March was a bit hectic. Our house turned into a Spring Break destination with Roz and Luke coming up for their time off and Mom coming up for the following week for hers. It was great fun having them here and I am now trying to get used to the quiet of the house.

In between the visitors, we celebrated the hubby’s birthday. I planned a Birthday Extravaganza weekend involving a mini spa day, a nice lunch at our favorite pizzeria, a little gift shopping, and taking him to see Hot Tub Time Machine. (Not as good as The Hangover, but better than I anticipated.) Sunday we went out for brunch and then we went to do some Wisconsin exploration by checking out The House on the Rock. This place is CRAAAAZY! Words cannot fully describe. . . World’s largest carousel, robotic orchestras, The Infinity Room, a larger than life size BLUE WHALE STATUE! It’s like Willy Wonka moved to Wisconsin and built a house. I want to take everyone I know here. Please come visit so I have an excuse to go back. Seriously.

We also went down to The Ponderosa to hang out with the fam for Easter Weekend. Got in a trip to Pepe’s and brought back some Easter Candy. Score!

So you can see I’ve been a bit caught up with people/things lately. Now the I’m getting back into the groove again, I promise I’ll be making more regular postings.

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