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I’ve decided to up the ante a bit here lately and challenge myself by signing up to take a quilting class. The LYS I go to also carries fabrics for crafting/quilting as offers classes. I bit the bullet and signed up for Beginning Quilting for the month of April. I am pretty excited but also extremely nervous about this. My sewing skills are okay, but not the best. I am hoping this will help me better my skills and also teach me some patience. I can sometimes get easily frustrated with the machine and end up going rogue on a pattern because I want to get it done. Hopefully, this will teach me more about process and doing things the right way. I feel that you can wing it when it comes to quilts.

I have always thought that quilting would be an amazing thing to learn. There are a lot of great modern quilters out there right now that are true artists. I love the idea of practical, functional art. Plus, who doesn’t love to snuggle up in a warm, cuddly quilt?

I’ll be sure to post my progress once I get started. Wish me luck!

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