I’m here.

Well, I had a fantastic time in Columbus visiting the girls and seeing the sweet babies. My only complaint was that I wish I could have stayed longer. It was hard to leave. It made me realize how much I miss the companionship of other women. Not that I don’t love Shawn, but girl time is much needed. I only wish that I could find some girl friends around Madison. Either that or start my campaign for getting the girls to move here . . . or at least visit.

Sadly, when I got back in town, I received a major smack down from a wicked cold. (Thinking that I might have caught something during my travels.) It hit me hard starting on Friday night and I am only now just feeling back to normal. I am hoping that I don’t have any relapses. So far the hubby hasn’t shown any signs of infection, so that is good news.

Hoping now that I get back on the mend, I can get back into the gym and also start working on a few projects I have in mind. . . more details to come.

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