A Celebration List

While considering what I might resolve for the coming year it occurred to me that such resolutions often seem to serve only one purpose: to remind me of my failures over the past twelve months. I have a bad habit to go quickly to my shortcomings and examine only my inadequacies. So instead, I’m going to reflect a bit and celebrate my successes. I think this will give me more confidence in my future resolutions.

1. Came to terms with not working outside the home and finding joy in the opportunities it has given me. I know that this will not last, so I want to savor it – not be ashamed of it.

2. Feeling good in my skin (more days than not)

3. Teaching myself how to knit and turning it into a real passion!

4. Getting over my fear of the sewing machine and jumping in with both feet. I still have much to learn, but am quite proud of my growing skills.

5. Being able to be there for my family when tough times occurred.

6. Nurtured old friendships and made new ones.

7. Successfully being married to Shawn for four years!

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