Thanksgiving 2009

Well, the Torto clan made the trip up to Madison for Thanksgiving. It wasn’t quite as hectic and stressful this year. I think partly because Shawn’s mom and brother weren’t here (Less performance anxiety and fewer mouths to feed.) and also because I had it last year, so knew how to better handle things. Happy to report that there was no fighting or food related calamities.

Roz and Luke came up early on the train Tuesday evening. Mom, Dad, Ash, and Mike came up Thursday morning and returned Friday afternoon. Roz and Luke stayed until Sunday, when I drove them back down to the Chi. It was so nice to be able to have them stay longer. We went to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox -which totally lived up to its name – went to chop down the Christmas Tree, and just basically hung out and had a good time.

I really enjoyed hosting Thanksgiving. It was so nice to not have to travel! Plus, we rarely get to entertain like we did in Columbus, so it was great to be able to have a house full of people again.

Hoping that everyone had as nice of a Turkey Day as I did.

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