Retro Leg Warmers

I just finished up a pair of leg warmers that I’ve been working on for a Christmas gift. I’m not going to post a completed picture of them, so they can still be a surprise for the recipient. I chose to use JoAnn’s Sensations It’s A Wrap yarn. Its color-wrapped plies with a touch of wool, so it has a slight fuzziness to it. I thought that the color way is great and would reference the original ones we wore in the 80’s. I just cast on 60 stitches onto size 6 DPNs and worked a 2×2 rib for 2 inches to create the cuff. The I switched to stockinette, working for 26 inches, then back to 2×2 rib for cuffing opposite end. Easy peasey. It was actually a little too easy, read boring, so I think that if I make another pair, I might try to add more pattern or even attempt to do some cabling. That’s something I haven’t tackled yet.

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