Apple Festival ‘09

This past weekend my sister and nephew made the trip up from Chicago to join us in celebrating all things apple at the Gays Mills Apple Festival. It was a beautiful day and the drive showcased Wisconsin’s autumnal splendor. We strolled around the little town of Gays Mills and took in the sites . . . and tastes. I had the best apple fritter of my life. Wow. We were chased by some bees that seemed to agree with me, but no stings. Watched my nephew climb a rock wall like the little monkey he is. We stopped at a local orchard and picked up a big sack of honeycrisp apples to bring home. While there, we had some yummy apple cider and apple donuts, but the best was yet to come. An apple cider slushie. Words cannot describe the ecstasy . . . truly nectar of the gods. All in all a fabulous day. I am already looking forward to next year.

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