Time keeps on slipping. . .

Once again, time has gotten away from me. I must apologize for my neglect. The month of July has been very busy with much traveling and visits with the family. I will quickly sum up so you can see what I’ve been up to, other than blogging, for the past weeks.

July 4th weekend: Went down to Club Ponderosa to share in the celebration of our country’s independence. Although torrential rain kept us inside for most of the day, I am happy to report that the skies cleared for Shawn to have his annual fireworks extravaganza. Fortunately, the safety record stayed in tact for another year.

July 11th weekend: Mom and Dad came up to visit us here in the land o’ cheese for the weekend. Highlights included sushi dinner at Takara on Friday night, (Dad is getting pretty good with those chopsticks!) going to the MMOCA Art Fair on the Square on Saturday – one of the largest and best juried shows I have been to in some time. Excellent quality and variety. Sadly, we came home empty-handed.

After the parents left on Monday morning, I drove down to Club Ponderosa the next morning. Had an amazing trip to the Modern Wing with Mom. (Will be following up with a separate post, since too much to say about it here.) Did a little swimming and general hanging out with Roz, Luke, and the parents. Shawn came down to join us for the weekend.

Back up to Madison, this time bringing Roz and Luke to visit for few days. Had a good time taking Luke to the Middleton pool – he is now the water slide champ. As well as just some good QT with my sister. Would love to have them as a permanent installment up here.

Thursday, July 23rd, we drove back down to Club Ponderosa to return our guests and to be able to fly out to Shawn’s nascent city, North Canton, Ohio, for his cousin’s wedding. (Congrats, Kara & Eric!) Was great to see his mom, grandparents, and Big Al. Wish that we could of stayed a bit longer, but Shawn had to get back to the salt mines so we came back yesterday.

And. . . we are here for this week and will then be off to Hilton Head, SC for a week of rest and relaxation. Quite looking forward to it, since we’ll be seeing some dear friend from CMH. Salty Dog Cafe. . . here I come!

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