Rozzie’s Wrist Warmers

Well, I finished up my latest knitting project. Roz requested a pair of arm warmers/wristlets . (Sorry, no picture yet. Will try to get one up soon.) She gave me some teal yarn that she had at her house to make them. I decided to use the pattern “Voodoo Wrist Warmers” by Bonne Marie Burns that I found on Ravelry. (Great name, huh?) Pretty easy 2×2 rib pattern, the hard part was this was my first project with using only DPNs. I would have preferred to use circular needles, but the circumference was too small. After getting the hang of them, they knit up fairly quickly. I think that I would like to try these again using a higher quality yarn. Maybe something that is variegated or striping. . . good think Roz can never get enough wristlets!

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