Memorial Weekend Midwest Tour

Hope that you all had a good Memorial Weekend. Our was a lot of fun, tons of things – and miles- packed into it.

Shawn and I packed up the car and headed down to my parents house on Thursday night, so that we could get a good start for our drive to Indiana to meet our friends from Columbus for our camping trip. Loading all of our camping gear and Walter in to the back of the Rover was an exercise in spatial relationships. All those hours spent playing Tetris came in handy. Off we went on Friday morning, arriving to the campsite around 3 PM (EST) it was about a 5 hour drive, including 2 stops. Not too bad. Camping was a good time, hanging out with good friends, watching the dogs play (another couple brought their yellow lab, Hoover) cooking out and making s’mores, not to mention a few frosty beverages. Very fun and entertaining. We stayed for two nights and then packed up and headed back to my parents on Sunday.

We hung out there and relaxed with the family, returning on Monday afternoon. All in all, a great weekend. . . but I sure was happy to sleep in our own bed last night!

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