Busy Bee Weekend

This weekend was busy, busy, busy! The hubby and I tackled the project of building flower planters for the front porch. I have been searching for forever and a day for the perfect planters to put out front. I was pretty specific in what I wanted, long rectangular boxes that would stand between the columns of the front porch. I didn’t want them to be too high, but wanted them to fit the scale of the house. This proved to be impossible to find. The ones that I found were either too high, too small, too expensive, or too . . .ugly.

So, I decided to get a little DIY and construct exactly what I wanted. I measured out about what I wanted, drew up some simple plans, went over it with my contractor (Shawn) and got to work. And after a trip to Home Depot, two trips to Ace Hardware, and some manual labor from my hubby – I helped as much as I could – I had my planters! It only took a day to build and paint them, so on Sunday we went and bought some plants, soil, etc. and got them filled. I must say that they look great! Going to purchase a few more plants to fill them in some more, but otherwise a vast improvement to the barren porch. Now it looks like someone lives here! We even got two chairs and a small table to put out front, so we can sit out there and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Huzzah! 

**** I need to add a special thank you to my dear hubby, all of his hard work and patience with me as we completed this project does not go unappreciated. Yay for Team Colley!****

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