Technology is so cool!

Shawn got a Blu-Ray DVD player for Christmas this year from his mom (Thanks, Cathy!) and we just got it hooked up this weekend. Very awesome picture quality to be sure. But the thing that I found most amazing was that we could hook up the player to the internet and link to our Netflix queue. Now we can play all of the “instant” movies that are available on our TV! And it is free!!! It downloads the movie in about 30 seconds and off we go! This is so totally cool. I know that it sounds a bit lazy – can’t wait for a DVD to come in the mail – but I think that its brilliant. I am especially excited because we can use it to watch TV shows that are on DVD. Something that I always want to do, but hate having to get the six discs in the mail. I am also glad because this means that I can watch some movies that Shawn might not be interested in without having to bump other movies in line. My only question is am I aloud to count the movies on my 101 Things list if I watch them instantly?

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