Ballot has been cast.

Today is the big day. I just got back from completing my civic duty and voted this morning. Went early with Shawn and we were done in less that an hour. Not too bad, I think that I waited twice as long last election.

I have decided to put a self-imposed bubble around me regarding the election today until at least 6PM. The reason is that I am very interested in the outcome of the election, but do not want to get overloaded early on the incessant media reporting that has already started. I pledge to not watch TV or log on to any news-based internet sites until tonight. That way I can watch the coverage with fresh eyes. This is such a historic election, no matter the outcome, that I want to be able to give it the attention that it deserves, not becoming bored and desensitized from sensory overload.

I’ll probably post more tomorrow, once I have been able to see what America decides. . .

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