Playing Catch Up

Sorry for the lull in the postings, things have been rather busy lately. Rather that an extra long, rambling post, how ‘bout we do a list to sum up?

Survived boredom of Shawn being in HK, mostly by working on some new art pieces and having long conversations with the dog.

After much anxiety, figured out that the Jeep needed a new battery, got one, and have been zooming around in relative security ever since.

Working out, meeting with trainer, getting ass kicked.

Trip to CMH to see good friends, have a lot of laughs, and realize how much I miss everyone.

Trip also included debacle of OSU losing to Penn State. Ugh!

More working out. Shin splints. Stair master. Ass kicked.

Carved pumpkins with hubby last night. Still hold pumpkin carving title belt.

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