Ghost in the Machine

I get a call from the garage this morning telling me that has the Jeep stating that they have been looking at the car and they cannot find anything wrong with it. They have repeatedly tried to start of the car and it starts perfectly each time. They have no idea what made it not start the other day. They cleaned up the battery cables and hook-up and recharged it, but otherwise it is fine. What?? The guy that picked me up and tried to start it was there and he said that he had no idea what what going on either and promised me that he told them that it didn’t start when he looked at it at the parking lot. At least the garage guys don’t think that I am loony-tunes.

So, I walk up to the garage and pick it up. Starts up right away and I drive it home. But, now I am afraid to drive the thing because I do not want it to die on me again. I think that it is biding its time and will strike when I am completely lulled into a false sense of security. I just can’t win.

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