RE: Beets

Ok, so last week I got the bright idea to buy some beets at the DCFM to make at home. This original quest ended in failure because I did not plan ahead and have a recipe in mind to actually cook them. So, the beets decided to commit suicide in my crisper drawer while I fretted on what to do to them.

This week I went back to the DCFM to buy more beets, this time with a plan. My good veggie guru gave me a simple recipe for roasting them in the oven. Armed with this culinary knowledge, I set forth on my quest again last night to have them for dinner. . . Success!! They turned out beautifully. Tender, moist and lustfully juicy red. Hurray! I ate two of them last night for dinner plain. I am going to slice up the remaining two for lunch: chilled beets with walnuts and goat cheese.

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