This weekend, the hubby and I went to the Dane County Farmers Market (DCFM) for some produce, flowers, and a delicious chocolate long john. Yum Zum. Among other things, I purchased approximately 30 lbs of tomatoes. (This is about one of those large cardboard produce boxes full.) The reason why I did this is not for some out of control craving, but because I have been wanting to can some for the winter. No, I am not crazy. This was time consuming, but actually pretty easy to do. I have done it in the past in CMH with my own tomatoes. Plus, I have fond memories of my mom and our neighbor basically openning a canning factory in the kitchen each summer. So, I now have ten quart jars full of yummy tomatoes in the pantry. I am thinking that I can get another batch done before the season is over, so I will have enough to make homemade sauce for through the winter.

I know that some people are thinking, “ Is she nuts? Why not just buy some canned tomatoes from the store?” Well, with those canned tomatoes, you do not really know where they are coming from, how they were grown, or when they were canned. I feel that these are healthier and better tasting. Plus, it is also way more inexpensive to “put up” some tomatoes on my own that buying them all at the store. I am looking forward to winter so I can see how they turned out.

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