101 things in 1001 days

After some inspiration from a friend and fellow blogger, I have decided to participate in 101 things in 1001 days. To to quote my 101 mentor, “Life’s about the journey right? So it’s good to shake shit up here and there.”

And that, folks, is what I am trying to do. As you all know, I am a list making maestro, so I am hoping that this will challenge me to expand and explore my horizons a bit and help me figure out what I “want to do” in the next phase in my life. I have decided to work on this list and will promise to record my triumphs and failures. If you are interested in making a list of your own, check out the above link for ideas.

Here is a copy of my list, but I have also added a “to do list” page to keep it a bit easier to keep track. My deadline is April 11, 2011. Wish me luck!

001. Organize CDs
002. Organize and back up itunes library
003. See four local concerts a year (0/4 for 2008)
004. See four concerts in Chicago a year (0/4 for 2008)
005. Go to a classical concert with Roz.

006. Relearn Photo Shop
007. Join the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art
008. Take a pottery class at Lakeside Pottery Center
009. Log minimum of 10 hours a week doing art in some form
010. Enter an art show
011. Post artwork on blog
012. Learn how to knit
013. Go to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art and The Chicago Art Institute twice a year.
014. Scan parents photos and make into album for myself and siblings
015. Collect recipes from family and organize into one cookbook
016. Refinish dresser that is a Mom’s house
017. Repaint vanity
018. Make new skirt for vanity
019. Figure out sewing machine
020. Take a cake decorating class
021. Make t-shirt on cafepress.com
022. Buy a good camera and learn how to use it
023. Make one item of clothing that I can actually wear out
024. Organize, scan, frame photos

025. Find an optometrist and have eye exam
026. Work out a minimum of 3x a week
027. Finish a 5K
028. Go down 2 clothing sizes (0/2)
029. Take vitamins every day
030. Get a massage

031. Put $5 in savings for every task completed and $10 for every one not completed
032. Open a CD
033. Open a separate savings account for long-term savings
034. Start contributing to our IRA each month
035. Get a safety deposit box
036. Update homeowner’s insurance with valuables
037. check our credit reports twice a year
038. Pay off all credit cards by Dec. 2009

039. Read 5 "classics" (0/5)
040. Use Middleton Library
041. Organize book collection
042. Write a letter to a magazine about an article I read
043. Read 10 books recommended from others (0/10)
044. Read 50 books each year (0/50 for 2008)
045. Update Shelfari account
046. Send a postcard once a month to a friend (0/8 for 2008)
047. Write a letter once a month to a friend (0/8 for 2008)
048. Read the Sunday NYT, every article, cover-to-cover

049. Go to a Bears game
050. Go to a Cubs game
051. Go to The Hideout again
052. Go to 8 movies a year (0/8 for 2008)
053. See a movie at an IMAX theatre
054. Go to Lollapalooza
055. Go to Six Flags Great America
056. Go camping
057. Take each sibling out to dinner – separately (0/3)
058. Go check out the DeJope Casino
059. Watch 100 movies from Netflix (0/100)

060. Donate 1 million grains of rice on freerice.com ( 0/1,000,000)
061. Find local non-profit to volunteer
062. Make an effort to compliment someone at least once a week
063. Hand make a gift for someone
064. Commit 50 random acts of kindness (0/50)

065. Try out one new recipe a month
066. Keep track of wines I like
067. Start wine collection
068. Can tomatoes
069. Bake something once a month
070. Organize recipes and copy on disc
071. Make pasta from scratch
072. Host a cookie exchange
073. Learn how to make Mom’s pie crust

074. Try out 10 new restaurants in Madison a year (0/8 for 2008)
075. Visit a country I’ve never visited before
076. Explore 5 new places in Wisconsin (0/5)
077. Go explore alone: Middleton, Madison, Chicago . . .
078. Plan a road trip
079. Plan a girls weekend getaway
080. Go to DisneyWorld
081. Go back to Mexico
082. Go to the zoo

083. Blinds for the entire house
084. New bed, king size – and new bedding
085. Get kitchen table and chairs
086. Get office furniture
087. Get a grill for Shawn
088. Patio furniture

089. Contact and old friend that I’ve lost touch with
090. Do not get angry at strangers for being stupid
091. Have a party
092. Make new friends in Madison

093. Attempt to earn Italian
094. Get a bike
095. Make a blog post for every finished goal
096. Buy and external hard drive
097. Figure our Airport Extreme and hook it up
098. Send a postcard to postsecret.com
099. Get another tattoo
100. Take earrings to get new backs from jeweler
101. Send a to-do list to todolistblog.blogspot.com

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