Lotsa Happening

Sorry for the long break in the postings, but July started out a bit hectic. The Torto family had a situation that needed everyone to band together, but all is getting better and things are slowing returning to normal.

A highlight of the past few weeks was that my sisters and nephew came up to MSN to visit. So much fun having us all together and laughing a lot. Went to the local pool for a few days with was great. I was sad to see them go home and am already looking forward to another visit.

Fourth of July was also a bright spot as well, although Mom and Dad were in CA, the rest of us got together at The Ponderosa for some good times. Highlights included swimming, a beetle invasion, good tunes, and of course, fireworks courtesy of Uncle Pyro (aka Shawn) which were fun, but held to a minimum in deference to Sylvia’s concerns of her house being consumed in flames while her and dad were gone.

Now that all the dust has settled, I am looking forward to getting back in to a routine here at the house. Need to get back to the gym and also get cracking on digging out those art supplies.

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