Quick note: We are STILL not in the house. More WF insanity. Will not discuss, but will focus on better things.

Memorial weekend was just what the doctor ordered. My sister and two of our friends made their maiden voyage on the Van Gelder bus line to visit Shawn and I this weekend. This was supposed to be a celebration of our moving into the house, but alas it was not meant to be. Friday night we welcomed them Wisconsin style, with plenty of cheese, beer, and wine to be consumed. Saturday we started off at the fabulous Dane County Farmer’s Market. Was sorely disappointed that they were unable to experience the best chocolate long johns (we got there too late) but they did get to savor some excellent cookies. Saturday night we took them to Porta Del Alba. Fantastic Neopolitan pizza place. Yum Zum. Then the night of debauchery ensued. Highlights were gay lumberjacks, Paul’s juke box, cop chases, and a Dance Party USA. Yes, people were dancing on chairs. LOVE IT! Sunday we hit the Brat Fest. I love this state.

I am so grateful that they came up, it was just what Shawn and I needed to get our minds off of the ridiculousness of the closing on the house. Hopefully, we will be in by the next time the Van Gelder Trio make a return trip.

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