Tonight I went to a preview showing for an art exhibition that the GHMC Arts Council is sponsoring. We are judging a pumpkin carving contest tomorrow at the event. It has been so long since I have been to a show and it was fantastic. I was so inspired by the works and the people. I just wish that I would be able to take advantage of the creative juices that are flowing. I am thinking that maybe I can get the sketchbook out to maybe capture some ideas that I am having. I just wish that I had a space to put them into action..

Another great thing going on is that we received some initial sketches for the house yesterday. Shawn and I went over them on the phone and also talked with our realtor about them. We have decided on the basic floor plan and now the contractor can start drawing up some more detailed plans for us. So excited that we are finally getting somewhere! Now all we have to do is sell the house.

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