Joseph 3.8

Well, let’s just say that this past month has had its highs and its lows:

  • More great weather to play outside in the leaves
  • Halloween parties with friends and at school
  • Earning ribbons at swim lessons
  • Celebrating Grandma Torto’s Birthday
  • A visit to Ohio to see Grandma Colley and Great Grandpa Sassy
  • A new Thomas the Train movie from Grandma Colley
  • Lots of fun things at school every day. 


  • Ear infections
  • Being sick and missing out on trick-or-treating
  • Vomiting in Dad’s car on the way to Grandma Torto’s birthday party
  • Having mom remove a popcorn kernel from my nose

Now let’s get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!  


Joseph 3.7

Well, I’m all settled into a routine at school, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t having fun. The weather has been really warm, so I’ve been playing a lot outside – and eating lots of ice cream- while I still can.   

I’m really enjoying school. My favorites are going to the library, science, “gross motor play” – which mom says is gym class, and of course recess. 
   We went to visit a farm and got to pet all the animals, dig in the garden, go on a hay ride, and check out some cool old tractors. I also got to climb inside a fire truck!  

I’m a big helper around the kitchen. My favorite recipes are banana bread and chocolate chip cookies and pizza.  
  Mom and dad took me to the St. Charles Scarecrow Festival last weekend. It was awesome! I rode all the big guy rides with Dad, my favorites were the “Spinning Dragons” and the “Flying Bobs” – the faster the better! 


Hope everyone is having a fantastic Fall!

Joseph 3.6

How is it possible that six months have gone by since my birthday? I guess that time really does fly when your having fun. And talk about fun!? This summer was awesome! We did so much and had so much fun, that I told mom it was okay to take a little vacation from writing my monthly posts. But, just like I had to start going to school, she needed to start up again. Besides, what else is she going to do while I’m there?

This past month we really packed in as much as possible. We went got back from our trip to Ohio and just kept going. Lot’s of pool time, trips to Lincoln Park Zoo, the park, getting ice cream, not to mention  . . . I MET THOMAS! It was the best day ever in my whole life. I got to RIDE Thomas and Percy, meet Sir Topham Hatt, see all sorts of trains, and play with all things Thomas. I want to go do it again (I ask EVERY day!) but mom said that he had to go back to the island of Sodor.


Seriously, how cool is that!? I got a picture with Thomas!! The even spoke to me and tooted his whistle. It was the best!

And of course I have to mention that I started preschool this year. Am I getting to be a big boy or what? I really love it so far. My teachers are so nice and fun. We get to great things like play outside every day, do science experiments, go to the library, play with blocks and puzzles, and a million other things. I just had my school pictures taken last week, mom can’t wait to see them!Some of my favorite things right now are to read books, do puzzles, and play with trains, cars, and blocks. I am really loving to watch the movie Cars and play with Lightening McQueen, Mater, and the rest of the guys from Radiator Springs. Paw Patrol, Chuggington, and Odd Squad are some of my favorite shows at the moment. I am also super into wishing everyone a happy birthday (even if it isn’t) and singing in the car.

Looking forward to what Fall has to bring!

First Day of Preschool!

Big day for the little guy! Although Joe has been attending “camp” for about six months, today is his first official day of preschool. 

He’s attending the Early Childhood Program at Davis Primary School. His teacher is the sweetest lady ever, Mrs. Gregory. “Mrs. G” to her students. 

We’re all excited to see Joey start out his education and can’t wait to see how much he will learn and grow. Here’s to the  Class of 2030!

Joseph 3.3

Hurray, Summer is finally here! It’s been great to be able to go outside and play at the playground, or in my new sandbox. I also have been having fun helping Grandpa with the tractor and getting the pool ready. Now if it would just stop raining so I can swim!

IMG_6397 IMG_6383

Summer has only just started, but I’ve been really busy! I’m playing t-ball and taking swimming lessons, not to mention starting summer school. Plus, we celebrated Memorial Day with a cook out at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and of course had a yummy donut for National Donut Day. The ones with sprinkles are my all time favorites!

IMG_6407 IMG_6434

I’m looking forward to more summertime fun!
IMG_6419 IMG_6427

Joseph 3.2

IMG_6341This month has been busy! I’ve been going to big boy school and I’ve gotten more comfortable and really like it. I get to bring home a library book every week and play on the playground every day. We’ve done lots of fun things, like learning about different plants, the weather, and cooking!

Swim class is also going great. I’ve gotten two more ribbons! I’m excited for summer to get here so I can swim in grandpa’s pool and show off how well I’m doing.

IMG_6351We went to the March of Dimes Walk for my big brother and sister, Christopher and Mary. It was a bright sunny day and we had a great time at the park and walking along the river. It was too far to walk, so I got to relax in the stroller and point out the ducks and geese along the way. It was a good day.

IMG_6354Grandma Colley came out to visit me! She stayed for a whole week and we had so much fun reading books together, playing trains in the basement, and snuggling together on the couch. I miss her a lot, but mom and dad said that we’ll go to visit her in Ohio this summer.

IMG_6366We also celebrated Mother’s Day! I made Mommy some really great gifts this year, a wind chime and a sign that says ” I ❤️ Mommy”. She loved them, of course! Daddy and I also went to the donut shop for breakfast and took Mommy and Grandma Colley to a really nice dinner.

Spring has been fun, but I’m ready for Summer!

Joseph 3.1

I really love being three! It’s only been for a little while, but I get to do so a lot of “big boy” things now. I got my own “big boy” bed and I am so proud of it. I have to show everyone when they come over to visit and one of my favorite things to do is sit on my bed and read books with Mommy and Daddy.

I also started swimming lessons. I’m a bit nervous about being in the pool without mom or dad, but I’m being really brave. I even got my first swim ribbon last week! I was so proud when I brought it home and mommy hung it up for everyone to see. 

I also started going to a new “big boy preschool” now that I’m three. I’m still getting used to things, but I like my teached

Easter was so much fun! I really liked coloring eggs and hunting for them. The Easter Bunny brought me  some garden tools, a kite, and jelly beans! We went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and there were even more eggs and I got a second basket full of bubbles, paints, chalk, and more jelly beans. 

I am so happy that the weather is warm enough to play outside.  It’s so much fun to dig in the dirt, go on “treasure hunts” with Mommy, play with chalk, and ride in the wagon. Plus, I’ve been jumping into every puddle I can find and rescuing worms to put back in the grass after it rains. I’m so looking forward to more fun in the sun!

Happy Birthday 


Happy Birthday, Shawn. You are the most amazing husband and father I could ever hope for. Thank you for sharing this amazing life with me. You are, and will always be, my true north. I love you.