Joseph 2.1



This month, I am so happy that it has finally gotten warm enough to play outside! I would stay out all day long if mom would let me. I love to run up and down the hills and driveway, play with chalk, my fire truck, and blow bubbles. I explore everywhere and want to swim in the pool so badly!


Mom has been taking me out all over since it has been warm. We go to the playground, park, and library. Sometimes I get mad that we have to leave, I am having so much fun now that we aren’t stuck in the house.

I still love Thomas and play with my trains and cars everyday. Mom made me a fort out of a cardboard box and I like to go inside and look at my books. I also have fun coloring and playing with play dough.

I have been talking more clearly and using sentences more. My longest one so far has been “Come watch with me, Mom.” (Of course, I was talking about watching Thomas and Friends.) I also like to sing, dance, and play on grandma’s piano. Oh, and being silly and wrestling with Grandpa!


Instagram Challenge #31daysofstelladot Pt. 2

Here’s the second installment of my Instagram Challenge. The first batch you can see here. I’ve really been enjoying the challenge of coming up for me to  shoot every day. It has made me a bit more thoughtful curating my wardrobe and helped me realize that I often repeat the same outfit or have different versions of the same look. Stripes, anyone? I find some comfort in know that I have a fairly definitive look, but at the same time realize that I need to brach out a bit more think outside of the box. Also, I really need to get some new clothes for Spring! Anyways, here’s the second batch:



Painted in WaterlogueI’ve recently become obsessed with Waterlogue. It is an amazing photography app that takes your smartphone photos and transforms them into gorgeous watercolor-inspired works of art. The app is simple, yet amazing. I can’t get over the quality of the rendering and the beautiful results. I’m contemplating having some of these printed and framed to hang in our new home or to give as gifts. If you try out the app, please share your creations or let me know what you think.

Painted in WaterloguePainted in WaterloguePainted in WaterloguePainted in WaterloguePainted in Waterlogue


Joseph 2.0


My sweet little baby is gone. He has morphed into a full-fledged toddler, so full of life and energy. It has been such a joy and pleasure to watch you grow, learn and explore. You amaze me with your never-ending enthusiasim for life and all it has to offer. I love watching you learn and how determined (some might say stubborn) you can be to figure things out. I love how you grab me by the hand and say “Come with!” and pull me to where you want to go. As busy as you are, you always find time to sit and cuddle with me. I hope that you will always do that no matter how big you get. I so look forward to what this next year will bring. Happy Birthday, Joseph William, you are my shining star. Mommy loves you so very much.


I’m two, I’m two, I’m two years old today! That’s so much more than one! Hurray! ! This past year I have grown from a baby into a full blown toddler. I have learned to do so much this year. I learned how to walk -and run!- count to twenty, know my ABCs, colors, how to use a fork and spoon. . .  so many things I can do! Mommy and Daddy can’t get over how big I am. I’M GI-NORMOUS!


Instagram Challenge #31daysofstelladot

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I’ve been posting photos each day as part of a Stella & Dot challenge for March. It’s under  #31daysofstelladot  Its been a lot of fun and a bit of a stretch for me shoot something every day. I usually have some Stella & Dot piece as part of my daily wardrobe, but styling it in a way that is photo-friendly is sometimes a challenge. I hope that I’ll see some improvement by the end of the month. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Three Years . . . .

Why does it seem like yesterday and yet a lifetime ago? Three years. How is this possible? I cling to your memories, what little we were able to have together. Most of it while you were inside me. I used to chuckle and call you my little octopi, you would both wiggle and squirm and wrestle one another. I think about the brief moment that I got to hold you both, amazed at your tiny preciousness. Rosy pink and oh so fragile. Such fleeting time together, but you are both etched into my brain and my heart.

Your little brother grows and grows. He is so full of life, I sometimes wonder if he will burst. A ball of energy and always on the run. Quick to smile and laugh, he brings joy to everyone. I know that you are both looking after him, keeping him safe in this world.

I struggle this year because we have moved away and I’m unable to visit you today. I feel overwhelming guilt that we are not near you. Please know that no matter where you father, brother, and I live on this earth, we all love you and keep you close to us in our hearts. I love you Mary and Christopher, Happy Birthday my loves.

Outfitted: Hints of Spring

Hint of Spring
Either the calendar is lying and it’s really January instead of March, or Old Man Winter has decided to long overstay his welcome. I’m search if signs of Spring everywhere. Unfortunately, any that are out there are covered in snow. That’s why I’m incorporating some hints of green into my wardrobe. Maybe Mother Nature with finally decide to do the same.

101 Things in 1001 Days: Round Three

This will be the third time I’ve participated in 101 Things in 1001 Days. Its so interesting how your focus and interests change over time. I started my previous list on May 24th, 2011. I was living in Wisconsin and was not yet pregnant. I didn’t have any idea the roller coaster that was to come with moving, the twins, Joseph,moving again. I was focused on my Etsy shop, knitting and starting to think about learning to sew and make a quilt. Amazing how much has changed. I’m looking forward to starting anew with this list and to see what life will bring over these next 1001 days.

Here’s my new list, I’ll be updating my official 101 Things page soon, but thought you’d like to see the old one to compare. Let me know if you want to join me this time around!

001. Go to Stella & Dot’s Hoopla Event
002. Promote to Star Stylist
003. Earn enough money to take family on vacation
004. See 10 concerts:
005. Go to a classical concert/opera with Roz
006. Go to a book reading event
007. Read 50 books:
008. Join the Chicago Art Institute
009. Join the Brookfield Zoo
010. See 25 movies:
011. Go on Chicago Architectural Tour
012. Go to Lincoln Park Zoo
013. Rent a cabin
014. Go to 10 different museums:
015. Teach Joe how to swim (with professional help)
016.Teach Joe how to read
017. Get Joe potty trained
018. Commission painting of Walter
019. Get Joe a passport
020. Have a picnic
021. Buy a higher quality sewing machine
022. Teach someone to knit
023. Make a pie for Pi day (3/14)
024. Get certified in CPR
025. Start golfing again
026. Join a yoga studio
027. Finish a 5K
028. Go fishing
029. Go camping
030. Go canoeing
031. Go to Great America
032. Find a reliable babysitter for JWC
033. Get a home safe
034. Donate to Locks of Love again
035. Get a safety deposit box
036. Find doctors/dentist for family
037. Find a new church to attend
038. Take Joe to the beach
039. Make a will
040. Get a library card
041. Organize and edit digital photo library
042. Teach myself how to crochet
043. Get a massage
044. Get a facial
045. Read 50 books:
046. See all Academy Award Best Picture Nominees before the awards show.
047. Take Joe to see a parade
048. Get personalized stationery
049. Get new business cards
050. Get address stamp made
051. Go to a Chicago Bears game
052. Go to a Chicago Cubs game
053. Go to NorthernGRADE
054. Go to a Chicago Blackhawks game
055. Go to a Kane County Cougars game
056. Complete Couch to 5K
057. Go iceskating
058. Take a cooking class
059. Host a beer tasting
060. Go to 30 movies:
061. Find local non-profit to volunteer
062. Knit preemie caps/blankets and donate
063. Make a quilt(s) to donate to a worthy cause
064. Make another quilt for Joe
065. Make a quilt for nephew
066. Make ice cream using a recipe from Jeni’s cook book.
067. Host a wine tasting party
068. Create cookbook of family recipes
069. Cook 10 things from Mastering the Art of French Cooking
070. Cook 10 things from 1080 Cook Book
071. Make pasta from scratch
072. Host a cookie exchange
073. Go to a wine tasting
074. Host a potluck
075. Visit a country I’ve never visited before
076. Go to the drive-in
077. Go to a National Park
078. Go strawberry picking
079. Make strawberry jam
080. Go apple picking
081. Make applesauce
082. Go to a county fair
083. Join a CSA
084. Join or start a book club
085. Go back to Hawaii
086. Fly somewhere with Joe
087. Get all artwork framed and displayed
088. Use Aveda points to go on vacation (I have enough!)
089. Go to Las Vegas
090. Have a girls weekend
091. Have a dinner party
092. Plan a surprise trip
093. Plant a garden
094. Get a bike
095. Clean up track information in iTunes
096. Have Family Christmas party
097. Figure out what to do with Instagram photos
098. Plant a tree for the twins
099. Get a tattoo in memory of the twins
100. Put $10 into savings for every completed item
101. Donate $10 for every completed item

Joseph: 23 Months

image_6I’ve been adjusting pretty well to living at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I miss some of my toys, my room, and my friends, but I’ve made myself right at home and have taken over the entire house. I think that I’ve livened it up around here quite a bit!

I really love playing outside in the snow, only it’s been way to cold to go outside! This makes me REALLY mad, especially when mommy tries to put me in the car and won’t let me run around. Hopefully, it will either get a little warmer so I can play in the snow, or get a bunch warmer so  I can go swimming.

image_5imageMommy has been coming up with some creative ways to keep me entertained. Some of my favorites are baking cookies, coloring, playing “marching band” and going to play with my ball and trucks in the basement. I also like to play hide and seek with Grandma’s cat, but I wish I was better at finding him.

I still love Thomas the Tank Engine, but also really like to watch The Tigger Movie and The Hungry Caterpillar on Netflix. Wonder Pets and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood are also on my preferred list.

image_9image_3I am working on walking up and down the steps a lot. I still have to hold onto mommy or daddy’s hand and the railing, but I’m getting better at it. Soon I’ll be running up and down them just like everywhere else I go.

Only one more month and I will be two years old! Can you believe it?