Dreaming . . .



I have to tell you, I am beyond tired of this cold weather. Although it has not been quite as brutal as last year, I’m ready to throw in the towel. . . . or grab a beach towel and head south. As I sit here shivering in my shearling-lined slippers and clutching my cup of coffee for warmth, I can’t stop dreaming about warm beaches, playing in the sand with the little guy, and sipping something a little more frosty and tropical. Unfortunately, we are able to get away right now, so I guess I’ll just have to settle for throwing another quilt on my lap and snuggle up with Joe to watch Thomas and Friends.

Joseph 2.11

IMG_6087This month has been all about snow! I absolutely love being outside and playing in the snow. We go sledding, climb snow mountains, throw snowballs for Walter, and make snowmen. I would go outside all the time, if mom would let me.

IMG_6156We’ve been having a lot of fun indoors, too. We’ve been playing a lot with play dough, coloring and painting pictures, and building with my blocks and legos. I also like to build obstacle courses and play basketball in the basement.

IMG_6139I got to go see my cousin Luke play hockey this month. It was a lot of fun, but it was cold inside. I liked seeing all the kids skate on the ice and the zamboni was really awesome.

IMG_6165I’m so excited, I can’t believe that I am going to be three years old in just a month!

Joseph 2.10


It’s been a busy month! Christmas and New Year’s has come and gone. It was all a blur, but so much fun! Santa came! I got a lot of awesome presents from Santa, Mom and Dad, and the rest of the family. I think that my favorites are my new Cranky the Crane (one of Thomas’ friends), a toy barn with farm animals, a toy tool bench, and my stuffed Thomas pillow. I think that my favorite part of the holidays was having Dad home from work and to be able to play with him. We had a great time!


It has been so cold and snowy outside. It’s not fair because I want to use my new sled and play, but mom won’t let me because it is TOO COLD. How is that possible!?


Grandma and Grandpa left for Florida and I miss them already. Luckily, we got to spend a lot of time together before they left. I can’t believe that the next time I see them, I’ll be three!


Snuggled in


The new year brought us frigid temps outside, so we’re doing our best to stay warm and cozy indoors. I hope everyone is doing the same and praying for those who might need shelter from these dangerously freezing temps.

Goodbye to 2014


This past year has been one of movement, transition, and adjustment. We moved from Columbus, to my parents in Yorkville, and finally to St. Charles.


Things we rough for Team Colley with all of the changes, but we weathered the storm. Mostly with the help and support of our families. We couldn’t have made it through without you.



We were sad to leave friends behind (again) in Columbus, but happy to be close to family for the first time in many years.

We are happy that despite the turmoil, everyone is healthy, happy and safe at home. Here’s to a New Year, one full of new joys and adventures . . . But maybe a little less movement.

Lights All Aglow


Baking cookies, visiting Santa, decorating the tree, finding “Jerry the Elf” each morning . . . .all of these things have been so much more fun with Joe this year. He’s still not 100% sure what its all about, but he seems to be full of enthusiasm and delights in everything having to do with Christmas. I’m still looking forward to taking him to see the lights and decorations one night, taking him to church and singing Christmas carols, and taking him sledding (weather permitting). Oh, and of course, seeing his face on Christmas morning.

Joseph 2.9


What a busy month! I had a ton of fun at Thanksgiving. Grandma Cathy came to visit for the week, so we had a great time playing and reading books together. Thanksgiving was awesome because all my favorite people were there! I think I had more fun playing with Luke and Grandpa that eating, but Grandma, Auntie Roz and Auntie Ashley made sure I got plenty of treats so I was just as stuffed at the turkey. IMG_5856.JPG

I’m really excited for Christmas this year! I love decorating the tree (every day) and looking at the lights. We even have our very own elf, Jerry, staying with us!  Mom and I have been baking cookies and watching Rudolf a lot! I am getting more and more excited about Santa and Christmas every day!IMG_5876.JPG

Now that the weather isn’t the best to go outside, I’ve really been having fun playing with play dough, painting, coloring, and doing other crafts with Mom. We also go down in the basement and make obstacle courses, play ball, and spend a lot of time playing with my trains. Daddy and I have fun wrestling and chasing each other and playing “rocket ship” too. IMG_5864.JPGI’m REALLY looking forward to the holidays! Hopefully, it will snow. I want to sled and make a snow man so bad!!




Sometimes the littlest thing in life bring you happiness. I am a list maker, a planner, a scheduler of all things. I usually have multiple to-do lists going on -both written and mental- and hell hath no fury like (ahem) someone who’s grocery list has been tampered with. Just ask Shawn.

Most people use their smartphones to keep their schedules and calendars, but I have found that I am much more organized and aware of things when having a physical planner to write things down. Oh, I still use my iCal, but its more of a supplemental tool. The more ways I can keep track of things, the better.

A friend of mine who shares my obsession  fondness for organization mentioned how much she loved her Erin Condren life planner. I’ve never heard of the company before, but after a little research I found that she has an amazing following for her products. Desperate to find a better system than a pile of post-its, note book paper, and note pads, I decided to place an order.

I received my planner in late September (EC had an option to add the remaining months of 2014 to the 2015 calendar!) and I have to say that it was love at first sight. Plenty of room to make my lists, week my monthly and weekly schedules, track my Stella & Dot business, etc. I’ve been using washi tape to help highlight certain dates/appointments and it makes things much easier to track, not to mention way cuter to look at.

I also took my friend’s suggestion and bought these pens. OMG these are the best pens on the planet! They are ERASABLE! No smearing, or teared up paper either. Gel pens and erase!! I’m never buying another pen again. EVER!

What do you use to keep things organized? Do you prefer paper or having it all on your computer or smartphone? I’d love to hear how you handle keeping a handle on things.



Joseph 2.8








Mom’s really sick. She told me to post my photos for today and will transcribe my notes once she’s feeling better.

UPDATE: Sorry for the delay, but mom’s feeling much better and was able to add my notes from this month! 

This past month has been a lot of fun. We played outside in the leaves at much as possible. I absolutely loved kicking them around, diving into piles, and going on “treasure hunts” to find red, yellow, orange, and brown ones. I also liked being able to dig around in the dirt, throw sticks for Walter, and run all over the place.

I’ve been doing pretty well on potty training this month! I’m wearing big boy underwear all day, my favorites have Thomas and Lightening McQueen on them. I still have a few accidents now and then, but nobody is perfect!

Halloween was a bit of a bust. I had fun dressing up, but the weather was awful and none of the neighbors were home! Mom saved the day by putting some candy and rice krispy treats in my bucket. Hopefully, next year will be better.

Now that the weather has been making it hard to get outside Mom has been making sure we do lots of fun things around the house. We bake cookies, paint and color with crayons, play with play dough, and play with the vacuum. Gosh, I do love that machine.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving! Everyone is coming to our house for dinner. Plus Grandma Cathy is coming to visit for a whole week! She is so much fun and always brings me the best presents.